Saturday, August 29, 2015

Secondhand shopping after Twice

My beloved online secondhand store, Like Twice, is no more.  They were bought up by eBay.  So I've had to try some other options.

1.  ThredUp.  Lots of people love this site.  I find it overwhelming.  Too many items with not enough filtering options.  Plus, even if I find something I like, I always worry that it won't fit.  Unlike Twice, ThredUp does not have full measurements for each item.  And both shipping and return shipping are pricey.

I did once buy some school clothes for Blaise on ThredUp.  The pants I got him, which were listed as boys, had a small ruffle on the bottom.  Not large enough to be seen in the online picture, but clearly visible in person.  So I also don't trust them.

2.  Tradesy.  I love my Reebok EasyTone sneakers.  LOVE them.  I've worn through my second pair and am needing another.  However, these particular shoes haven't been sold in stores for many years.  But a quick google search turned up a like-new pair in a store I'd never heard of - Tradesy.  They are a google verified store and run a lot like eBay with individuals selling direct to buyers.  I decided to give it a shot.  Big mistake.  My first order was cancelled because the seller never responded.  Then she responded and I gave her another chance and purchased again.  And when I finally got the shoes, they were the wrong size!  I'm still in the midst of dealing with the return and really hope they refund my credit card rather than giving me store credit.

3.  eBay.  The site that sells everything.  In the past, I've bought used purses, kids toys, our Ergo carrier, and even floor mats for our van from eBay, but had never ventured into the realm of clothing and shoes.  But lately I'd been yearning for a skirt that I bought off of Like Twice a while ago, but returned because of ... I don't know... something.  Thoughts of said skirt had been consuming me, so the only solution was eBay.  And my skirt came.  And it is perfect.  I guess.  Still not totally into it, but better it taunt me in my closet than in my memory!  Ha!  I also bought a new pair of work shoes (with heels since the 9th grade boys tower over me!) and another pair of Reebok EasyTone sneakers (which are actually the right size)!

I like eBay when things are "Buy it Now" and I like them even more when the listing says "Best Offer".  I dislike bidding, but I'm pretty good at guessing how much something will go for and setting my bids so I guarantee a win.  Occasionally I'll also be one of those crazy people bidding live with 10 seconds remaining!  Especially if it's for another camel for the little people nativity scene!  Because, really, did they have to give us only one for all three wisemen to share?

So in conclusion, it's eBay for the win, though I still wish Twice were around!  Know of any other online consignment shops I should check out?

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