Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My daughter

We got to see her again.  We got 3 hours with her at a mall near her foster home.  So surreal.  Visiting with your 14-year-old hopefully-soon-to-be-daughter.  Surreal.  And amazing.  And so emotional to leave.  I feel like a chunk of me is missing.  In some ways very similar to the loss I would feel when John and I were dating long distance after each weekend visit.  But in some ways so different.  My mama-bear instinct is in full gear.  She is a child.  A mature and lovely and intelligent 14-year-old, but still a child.   And I have no way to communicate with her until our next visit!  

The stress and the excitement are causing me one heck of a backache and my sleep is all thrown off.  Strangely enough my body's response to all this is much the same as when I've been pregnant!  I guess my body doesn't care that I'm expecting a teenager and not a newborn!  


In other news, do you follow me on Instagram?  If not, you should click on over there and check out some of my recent posts.  I'm participating in an adoption/foster care share with #knittogetherbyadoption.  There's some awesome information and inspiring stories from a whole lot of fabulous moms.  


  1. Well the timing is pretty good though. You should be out of school and able to give her some relaxing get to know you time. Praying for you all!