Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Their faces, their stories

We're still waiting to find our child.  We asked to be considered for a 17-year-old girl and were told no.  We received more files and asked to be considered for one.  We're waiting on a response.

We're also now on an email list that sends out files of kids in need of homes.  I read every file.  Even the files of children who clearly don't fit our family.  I read them.  Because they are real kids.  Real kids with very painful pasts.  Real kids in need of families.  I read them, slowly and deliberately.  They'll never know I did it, but I want to acknowledge them all the same.  I always pray for them as I read the files.  And I often cry through them.  

There are so many kids.  Each day I go to the Indiana list and look at their faces.  Their beautiful, smiling faces.  Since I started looking in October of 2013, the list has grown.  Some children have left the list, but many many have been added.  They each have a unique story.  They each come from brokenness, but still have such potential.  I see it in those smiles.

My Lenten goal is to pray more.  To pray the rosary daily, to pray for more children by name, and to pray for friends to step up and be families for these children.  Please, if you are a friend who reads my blog, please pray if God is calling you to be a family for one of these children.

Click on the picture below for some videos that explore adoption from foster care from different perspectives.