Monday, August 11, 2014

Work Fashion: Khaki Shorts

As I mentioned last week, I'm starting a series of posts on work fashion.  Most of the clothes I am featuring come from the online resale shop, Twice (this is a referral link which will get us both $10 off!).

Today is a free work day at my school, so I could be relatively casual.  I opted for khaki shorts and a pink polo.  Please excuse the poor quality photo - it was a rainy day so the lighting is poor and clearly I need a major cleaning of my mirror!

Khaki shorts are one of those elusive items that I have been needing for years.  Last year I found a cute pair at Ann Taylor Loft, but I don't know if I hadn't eaten anything that day or if I shrunk them in the wash, but they never actually fit again after I bought them!

I got this pair at Twice for only $11!  They are Banana Republic, which is a brand I have never tried before.  I appreciate that Twice gives you the measurements of each item so that you have a good sense of whether or not an item will fit.  These are actually a size larger than I wear in other brands, but the measurements match shorts that I already owned and knew fit.  Using the measurements is also helpful even if you are already familiar with a brand because you never know how the first owner treated them - maybe they washed them in hot water or had the waist taken in.

Alright, I should probably wrap this post up since I'm doing it on my lunch break!  I'll be back later this week with some of my casual more finds.  Stay tuned for real work fashion near the end of next week when the students are here!

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  1. Nice! Looking forward to outfit posts from another blogger (like me!) not afraid to post selfies in a smudgy mirror. :-)