Friday, August 22, 2014

Work Fashion: Friday!

As I mentioned previously, I'm starting a series of posts on work fashion.  Most of the clothes I am featuring come from the online resale shop, Twice (this is a referral link which will get us both $10 off!).

I made it through Friday of the first week!  Boy am I exhausted!  Last night the kids all woke up at midnight and so I was dragging a bit today.  As such, I opted for my most comfortable shoes and planned my outfit around that!  

This shirt is the only shirt from my previous teaching days that still fits! It's J.Crew and I've had it for nearly 10 years now!  It fits well and washes well.  I bought 3 more of the same style from Twice because I like it so much!  The skirt is from my very first Twice order and was only $14!  I knew that I wanted some basic skirts.  I narrowed my search to just those from Ann Taylor Loft because the fit works well on my frame.  This one is a brown wool tweed.  I also got another one in a similar style in black.  

Please excuse the weird angle and facial expression - I was telling John to hurry so I could get out the door on time!

Happy Friday, everyone!

P.S.  I highly suggest that everyone catch an insect and observe it!  We did that today in my 8th grade science class and it was fascinating!  

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