Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Work Fashion: Casual colored tee

As I mentioned last week, I'm starting a series of posts on work fashion.  Most of the clothes I am featuring come from the online resale shop, Twice (this is a referral link which will get us both $10 off!).

Today is a very laid back day at work for me, so it's hard to even classify this as work fashion, but I am at work and I am wearing it, so it counts!  I love the super soft cotton tees from Ann Taylor Loft.  They are almost always on clearance at the end of the season for between $4 and $10.  But I just haven't had time to go out shopping this year, so I turned to Twice.  The cheapest tees they have are $10, but I happened to have a 25% off coupon, so it was only $7.50.
Ann Taylor Loft tees come in a variety of fabrics, so make sure that you are getting what you think you are getting!  Twice gives you that info, so it's easy to pick your faves.  I have a few different fabrics in my closet, but prefer the 100% cotton ones, so I limited my purchases to those.  This may be my new favorite shirt because it is a fun color and so light weight and comfy!  

And of course you should always pair your tee with a snow-boot-wearing toddler!  

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