Monday, April 14, 2014

In the home stretch

We have exactly one week until our final home study visit, which means it's crunch time for completing every last bit of paperwork and house prep.  This morning we checked off one more thing - obtaining our arrest/jail records from the city and county police.  In our case, we don't have any records, so we just needed to go in and have someone sign to verify that.  The county and city police are right next to each other, so it should have been a pretty quick trip.

We started with the county sheriff.  Had to go through metal detectors and a bag search with the whole family!  Up to the records office.  There is a big window overlooking the jail.  I can see what the inmates have in their windows.  It overwhelms me with sadness.  I know, they probably did something to deserve being in there, but why?  Having taught high school in inner-city Cleveland I realize that not everyone gets a fair shot at life.  I have such compassion and sorrow for the injustice in our communities.

Sign on the window says $5 cash only.  Oh no.  We're not cash people (we use credit cards and pay off in full each month because we love the convenience and the 1-5% cash back!).  John has enough in his wallet for this time, but no more for the city police.  There is a gas station close by, so we swing by there.  ATM is broken.  Someone directs us down the street.  We drive and drive and drive, but nothing.  Pull out my phone and pull out a map and discover that there are no ATM's near us, but they are all clumped in the nicer part of downtown.  Of course they are.  Turn around and 10 minutes later we have cash and are on our way back to the city police.

I've been feeling overwhelmed all day (did I mention that Lucy woke up screaming at 5am?), but at this point, I'm about to break down.  We go in to the city police and right there in the lobby is an ATM.  Go figure.  While we were waiting, a police officer brought out some little plastic police badges for the kids.  Blaise threw his on the ground immediately.  Clearly he gets easily overwhelmed, too, just like his mommy!

Finn, however, loves his badge!
Done.  I start crying as soon as we leave.  Feeling better by the time we get home and I make everyone a lunch of popcorn :-)

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