Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Home study and a $150 sock

Yesterday was our second and final home study visit!  Our first visit was just a meet and greet and go over the paperwork, low key kind of meeting.  This one was the more intense interview questions and home safety check.  John is uber organized, so things were pretty smooth sailing with the visit.  The meeting  lasted nearly 2.5 hours with a large portion of the time spent discussing our finances.  She asked us to describe in detail all of our budgeting and money saving tactics that allow us to live off of a doctoral student stipend.  She also asked us a lot about our family and work histories.

There is a bit of a hiccup because we have lived in so many different cities in our lives - John has lived in 7 and I've lived in 8.  Our social worker is pretty sure that we need arrest records and jail checks and child protective services checks from each and every one of the places we have ever lived, but she doesn't know what paperwork we need for those or the procedures to follow.  Not only does she not know, but her boss doesn't know, and her liaison within DCS just quit.  So we're at a bit of a standstill until we learn what we need to do. This is really frustrating because we were hoping to be approved in early summer so that we could potentially have a match before the next school year begins.  That likely won't happen now.

After she left, John and I turned our attention to our broken washing machine. After our hours of talking about saving money, you'd have thought we would try to fix the washer ourselves, especially since I was pretty sure it was a stuck baby sock.  But that thought didn't even cross our minds!  Instead we paid $150 to have someone else pull out the sock from the drain pump.  I'm still working to forgive myself for that slip up!  Ugh!

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