Wednesday, March 12, 2014

WWRW: Radical Reinvention

After my "Why I'm not Catholic" post, John suggested that I might enjoy reading Radical Reinvention by Kaya Oakes where she shares her unlikely journey to finding God again within the Church.  Kaya is very liberal (much more so than me).  She grew up in the Catholic church, but fell away as an adult.  She describes how she was drawn back by the liturgy and ultimately found her place among other like-minded Catholic women, who she meets with regularly to share faith (and sometimes complaints about the Church!)

I certainly appreciated reading her story.  It's good for me to remember and see that the Church is a body of people who do not all share the "letter of the law" Catholicism that I dislike.   It was somewhat hard for me to relate because she grew up in the Church and did not really consider other denominations, except for one visit to a Episcopalian church where she found the people to be "cold".  I was also a bit skeptical of anything she stated as fact because at one point she talks about Catholic deacons and the roles they can fill in the Church and mentions that they cannot perform baptisms - all of my kids were baptized by Catholic deacons!  But really, the value of this book is that it is one woman's personal journey to finding God within Catholocism and I would certainly recommend it to those who find themselves a little more liberal than the USCCB :-)

I'd love to read more memoirs of people who have converted to Catholicism.  I also recently read Chris Haw's book,  From Willow Creek to Sacred Heart.  Like Kaya, he was drawn to the liturgy.   I'd love to get some other perspectives.  Ideally non-liturgy driven, liberal perspectives ;-)  Leave me some suggestions in the comments, please!

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  1. My children were baptized by Catholic deacons too! And my friend is studying to be a Catholic deacon and we were just discussing how we perform baptisms, and weddings, but not the sacrament of the sick, etc. He said, "I can hear your confession, I just can't absolve you." ;) Have you read Cari Donaldson's book Pope Awesome? I wouldn't say her conversion was liturgy driven, and I know Jen Fulwiler's book is coming out any day...