Friday, March 7, 2014

Quick Takes #15

It's been a month since I've done some quick takes that are just about my adorable kiddos, so lets see what random pictures have accumulated on my phone!

1.  Lucy likes to wear things on her head.  I used to think it was because she liked to say the word "hat".  But on this particular day, I think it was because she could play peek-a-boo so easily!  Yes, that is underwear.  Finn was not appreciative of her humor!


2.  Blaise has homework for speech class each day and when he completes it, he gets to put a sticker on a reward chart.  When the reward chart is full, he gets a special trip to the thrift store to pick out a new toy.  This past time he selected a little people parking garage for 89 cents.  The real fun, he discovered, was in taking it apart!

3.  Lucy loves to eat apples.  Or rather, she loves to ask for apples, take bites, and then pull them back out of her mouth and hand them to you!  But if you try to take away the apple, she says "mine!".  

4.  A little blurry and dark, but I can't resist this display of sibling love :)


5. Blaise took some selfies... What's up with the napkin holder?  Seeing how he looks behind bars?!

6.  Finn and I got in on the selfie action, too!

7.  Finally, I found this gem from Grandpa and Grandma's last visit!  

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