Saturday, March 1, 2014

Lucy's Birth Story

As part of the 7 Posts in 7 Days Challenge, I'm writing up the birth stories for each of my kids.  You can read Blaise's here and Finn's here.  It's worth reading theirs before this one so things make more sense.

When I was 7 months pregnant with Lucy, we moved from Kansas City to South Bend, so I had to switch OB's.  There was also some confusion with my health insurance, so I wasn't able to have regular check-ups during the 7th month.  Thankfully, due to my mother's persistence, things go sorted out in time for me to meet my new doctor a couple of times before the birth.

I know a lot of women have trouble finding a doctor who will do a VBAC, but mine offered at our first appointment.  I very quickly refused!  I had no control over my first two childbirth experiences, so this was my turn to be in control!  Lucy would be a scheduled c-section on Aug 17.

The night before, John and I went out on a date.  I ate lots and lots of food since they didn't allow food or drink after midnight.  In the morning we leisurely checked into the hospital and calmly prepared for the surgery.  They put in my IV, did some blood work and got John his scrubs.

There was a night and day difference  between Finn and Lucy's c-sections.  I didn't realize just how worried the doctors had been with Finn until I experienced Lucy's scheduled c-section.  With Finn, the room was completely silent, there were two doctors doing the surgery, and it went so fast.  With Lucy, everyone was relaxed and friendly.  People were socializing with one another, asking about their weekend plans.  They asked me what type of music I wanted to listen to.  When it came time to actually take Lucy out, someone said, "wait, this isn't a good song.  She needs to be born to a good song!"  And so my OB paused what she was doing so a nurse could change the radio station!  Lucy was born to "Meet Virginia" by Train.

Although the mood was so relaxed in the operating room, I was still anxious.  I was concerned that I would freak out like last time and I really did not want to be knocked out.  I kept repeating in my head "don't freak out, don't freak out".  They did a very quick clean of Lucy and then placed her on my chest.  I loved holding her so soon after birth, but her crying was a bit too much to handle, so John took her.  They cut his scrubs down the chest so he could do skin to skin contact :-)

She was by far our fussiest baby at birth and this hospital was much more breastfeeding friendly, so the nurses just kept wanting me to nurse her that entire first hour or two.  I was just emotionally exhausted from trying to hold it together and physically exhausted from the drugs and surgery.

My recovery wasn't quite as quick with Lucy as it had been with Finn.  My OB this time had used metal staples rather than dissoluble sutures, so I had to be more careful of my incision and we needed to stay in the hospital for 3 days so they could remove the staples before going home.  Also, the OB had a med student do the staples and she hadn't done a very good job so they started coming out too soon!

All in all, my birth stories have each been slightly better than the previous, but still nothing like the ideal to which I had hoped.  But I praise God for my beautiful, healthy children!

Enjoy some precious pictures from Lucy's first day.  John will be guest blogging tomorrow with his reflections on the births of our children!

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  1. Hard work but so worth it! You have three amazing precious children!