Thursday, March 20, 2014

Isn't it Ironic?

I grew up loving the Alanis Morrisette song Ironic.  And like most people, she and I totally overuse and misuse the word ironic.  (See this video for a cute remake that is actually ironic.)  My husband, who loves the English language and word choice and all that jazz, likes to give me a hard time about my misuses.

Today after watching Frozen for the second time, I was tempted to say something about how ironic it was that I ended up with "The Wizard and I" stuck in my head rather than "Let it Go".  But I could already hear my husband correcting me.  He'd probably say something about how that would only be ironic if I had watched Frozen with the goal of getting "Let it Go" stuck in my head.  Blah.  

But last week I did actually have something ironic happen to me!  John had a busy few days at work and so the kitchen trash had started to build up.  Taking it out is his responsibility because, you know, that's what men do.  But after three big bags pilled up, including one with some rather smelly kitty litter, I decided this was ridiculous.  Certainly I was capable of taking out the trash!  And so I did.  And the recycling, too.  And wouldn't you know it, just as I am congratulating myself for a job well done, I slip and fall and REALLY bruised my shoulder.  And that, says my husband is actually ironic.  In an attempt to prove I am capable, I fall and injure myself....  Ironic and embarrassing!

Blaise, however, has another word for it - silly.  When John was asking Blaise about the incident, Blaise acutely pointed out that I was wearing flip flips at the time.  Flip flops in the snow... silly mommy!  

So maybe not ironic after all... maybe just unfortunate, predictable, and preventable :-)

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  1. Oh, no, I definitely think it was ironic. =) I do feel bad I let the trash pile up so high though!