Monday, February 3, 2014

Transracial Adoption

I mentioned in my RAPT IV post that I wanted to do more reading about trans-racial adoption.  A friend sent me link to an article and through it, I found a few others.

The first article was from NPR, Growing Up 'White', Transracial Adoptee Learned to be Black.  This article talks honestly about the identity struggles that a boy, and now man, faced growing up with white parents.

That article referenced another article from NPR, Transracial Family Gets Double Takes 'Everywhere We Go'.  This article is very similar to the first, but told from the perspective of the white mother.  

In both of the previous articles some of the comments were as helpful as the articles themselves.  The thoughtful commenters helped to add more and varied perspectives on transracial adoption.  A few of the commenters referenced a Newsweek article, What Adopting a White Girl Taught One Black Family

And then, my husband ran across a set of five articles on the topic which can be found on the NY Times' Room for Debate, In Adoption, Does Race Matter?  

All of these are very short articles, so certainly worth a few minutes of your time to read.  Sorry I don't have more analysis of my thoughts here.  I'm still trying to figure it all out for myself.  It's so hard to know what would be in the best interest of a child, especially when the question might be whether to remain in foster care until you age out or to be adopted by a family that looks different than you.  Although South Bend is over 25% African American/black, nearly everyone in our foster care/adoption trainings has been white.  I don't think it follows that only the white kids should get adopted.  

Please share your thoughts on the general topic or any of these articles in the comments!  

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