Friday, January 31, 2014

Quick Takes #13

1.  I haven't blogged at all this week because I left the door open to my room and Lucy unattended for all of 30 seconds and she did this to my keyboard:

2.  It wouldn't have been quite so bad if she hadn't taken off the space bar.  And it would have been fixable except for a moment about a year ago when I decided to give all extra computer stuff including multiple keyboards to the thrift store!  But my parents came to the rescue and gave me one of their old ones!  So here is my new set-up:

3.  Obviously I desperately need to clean my desk!  But I can type again!  The keyboard may actually be older than the laptop (which is from 2005).  I didn't think age would matter, but these keys are soooooo loud!  Who knew that keyboards have gotten quieter over time?!  Smart engineering :-)

4.  Our county declared a state of emergency on Tuesday, so Notre Dame was forced to cancel classes and close the library, so John got a snow day with us!  He offered to do a house project, so I put him right to work painting the kitchen!

He got the ceiling painted and together we got all the trim painted white!  Goodbye orange-ish wood trim!  

5.  Since we were in the middle of the kitchen project when our oldest turned 4, we decided to do a little decorating for his birthday!

He loved it!  And this may even count as a birthday theme!  A little bit Harold and the Purple (Green) Crayon (Paint) meets trains!  Ha!

6.  We had a couple "warm" days here where it was in the 20's, so the kids were able to go outside and play.  Lucy wasn't too sure about it all, but the boys enjoyed playing on the big pile at the end of the driveway.

7.  Even on the really super cold days, we still tried to enjoy the snow!

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