Friday, January 24, 2014

Quick Takes #12

1.  On Sunday my boys participated in the preschool Christmas/Epiphany play.  It was delayed a few weeks because of weather!  Blaise was a shepherd and Finn was a sheep.  They did a great job for nearly the entire thing... until... one of the other moms reminded them to bow down and Blaise burst into tears, followed by Finn!  Thankfully I was close by, and scooped them both up into my lap before they made too much of a commotion!  Sorry for the blurry pictures, but aren't they cute?!


2.  Isn't this how everyone's kids eat breakfast?!


3.  For John's birthday (ummm, 2 months ago) he requested in lieu of presents that we have a nice date night for mexican food.  We knew scheduling said date was going to be challenging, but had finally penciled it in for January 18.  But that was a really busy day, so we postponed once again.  Finally, as we're putting the kids to be on Sunday the 19th, John decides that tonight is the night and he is going to run out and get us some food.  He comes back with chips, salsa, queso, and flowers for me.  He mixes up some whiskey sours and we set about to enjoy the second half of the football game.  It ended up being the perfect birthday celebration!  (and how lucky am I that my hubby gets me flowers for his birthday!)


4.  As I've mentioned before, this past Christmas I introduced the kids to The Grinch who Stole Christmas, and they are hooked.  I haven't let them watch it since the holidays, but they still love to reenact it!  Here is their "sleigh" with all of the goodies they took from the Who's!

5.  I love having a basement playroom where the kids can play and not worry about making messes, but sometimes it just gets to be too much and we need to clean it!  Here is the before and after.  Of course the "after" only lasted for about 30 seconds while I snapped the pic and then it started looking a lot like the "before" again!


6.  If you look in the foreground of the "before" picture above you might notice that light blue ring.  You may recognize it as part of a training potty.  A training potty that should be in storage.  Funny story... we're playing in the basement and Lucy has been bringing me pretend food to eat on her toy plates and bowls.  One time she brings me a bowl of water.  Hmmm, where did she get water from... from the potty... only it's not water... ewwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!

7.  Last weekend I finished up my last training to become eligible to adopt from foster care.  You can check out my thoughts on RAPT IV here.  Unfortunately, our adoption specialist has been unresponsive to our requests to get our home study started.  If you could, would you please pray for her and us and this whole process?  We're getting really frustrated, and it hurts my heart to think of all the kids without families that just keep waiting while we (and others) desperately want to adopt them.  And pray for the kids. Especially pray for the kids.  

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