Thursday, January 23, 2014

Our Birthday Presents

Earlier this week I blogged about our birthday celebrations, which are all about the cakes!  But that doesn't mean we forget the presents!  John and I have been discussing lately how much money we want to spend on gifts and what sorts of things we want to buy.  I grew up in a home where you got exactly what you asked for, whereas John grew up in a home where surprises were valued.  We've only just started to give it thought for us as the kids are getting older and especially as Blaise has begun asking for things on a regular basis!

We haven't come up with a solid plan for the future, but at least for this birthday, we put a $50 limit on ourselves and I spent time talking with Blaise to focus his desires.  The #1 thing Blaise wants for this birthday is more trains!  We got a train table about 1.5 years ago, and Blaise is ready for more trains and tracks!  Here is a picture of our current one.  We bought it used, so we don't quite have all the accessories, but it's pretty close.  The kids used to beg me and John to set it up on the table for them, but now they have started using their own creativity to build it all over the basement floor.

I was hoping to find supplemental pieces on Craigslist, but after about two months of searching, I decided to go ahead and buy new.  We went with a set of tracks and a set of trains, both from Amazon.

Grandpa and Grandma are also coming, so they will have a few surprise presents for Blaise - things that he might have mentioned in the past or that I have observed him loving.  

But I don't think it's the presents that make a birthday special, it's the quality time with loved ones and the words of encouragement.  Grandpa and Grandma will take us on special outings while they are here, Blaise will participate in making his cake, and in a house of three little toddlers clamoring for attention, this will be Blaise's day.  Finally, while we eat the cake or birthday meal, we will take time to honor Blaise, telling him what we appreciate and love about him.  

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