Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Our Birthday Celebrations

I'm a regular reader of the blog Carrots for Michaelmas, and recently Haley wrote a post entitled "How We Do Simple Birthdays (and a Beatrix Potter theme)"  I chuckled a bit when I read the title because I can't possibly imagine in my world how a birthday celebration involving a theme could be simple, but I read on.  Ultimately, I think her idea of simple is a little more complex than I am up for, but she does have some creative ideas about using things that you already have around.

I also regularly read Enjoying the Small Things and Kelle just blogged about her daughter's Little Italy Party.  Her's would certainly not be considered simple, but it was adorably cute!

Finally, I love getting insights from Young House Love.  John and Sherry do not miss a single detail when they plan birthday's for Clara.  Here is her most recent Dragon themed party.

Unlike all these wonderful bloggers, I am totally missing the artistic creative gene!  But we do want to make birthday's special for our kids, so one tradition that we have started is that each child gets their very own special type of cake.  It's a cake that we only make once a year, especially for them on their birthday.

Blaise's birthday falls between epiphany and mardi gras, so a king cake is the perfect choice for him!

Finn's birthday is at the start of summer and the boy loves his blueberries, so we do an angel food cake with fresh fruit!

Lucy's birthday is at the end of the summer, so fresh fruit was also our guiding factor, but for her, we do a blackberry pie!  We were lucky enough to even get to pick the blackberries last year!

All of our birthday desserts are made from scratch (mostly by John) and are soooooooo yummy!  

Last year the adults also started getting in on the fun.  John got carrot cake, I got chocolate orange cake, Grandma got black forest cherry cake, and Nana got her own version of angel food cake.  

All of this is not to say that I am anti-themes for birthday parties.  But I do like to take things one step at a time!  I'm thinking maybe this year since we have made everyone's cake at least once before (and three times already for Blaise!), I am up for trying a very basic theme.  Blaise's birthday is in a little over a week, and so I am thinking for theme either trains or Harold and the Purple Crayon.  I'll be sure to blog about my creative genius (or lack there of!) after the celebration!  And maybe someday I can throw a party as awesome as the three bloggers I linked to above :-)

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