Thursday, December 5, 2013

Theme Thursday: Lights

This is my first time joining in for Theme Thursday!  The kids are all asleep and I was relaxing in front of our beautiful tree after a long day and figured I would snap this picture of one of our favorite ornaments.  I bought it for John when we were dating as a gesture to show that I was OK with his Catholicism and that I  appreciated many of the traditions and understandings of faith that he brings to our relationship.

Check out more great pictures @ Clan Donaldson!


  1. Lovely lights! And I love the backstory on the ornament. :-)

  2. I accidentally deleted this comment from Ashley Crane and I can't seem to figure out how to make it come back! But here is what she said:

    Beautiful ornament--the setting amidst the lights is perfect :)

  3. I love the light flare over Mary's shoulder. Lovely.

  4. Thanks everyone! John tells me it is still his favorite ornaments and one of the best gifts I have given him!