Friday, December 13, 2013

Quick Takes #9

1.  Grandpa and Grandma gifted the kids with an early Christmas present... a Little People Nativity!  The kids LOVE it any play with it everyday.  Funny thing is, Jesus went missing.  John and I joked that the kids were just trying to be liturgically accurate!  Ha!  Thankfully he reappeared a few days later in a shoe ;-)

2.   The original set only came with one shepherd and three sheep, but to be a little more accurate I ordered an extra shepherd from eBay and we borrowed some sheep from our farm set!  Of course now Blaise keeps asking when more camels are going to arrive in the mail!  Maybe next year, buddy!

3.   In addition to the kids' nativity set, we also have set out two others.  One I made in college and one that I designed out of legos as a gift for John when we were dating!


4.  When we moved into our house last summer, every room was painted cream with the exception of our bedroom, which was a strange lemony yellow.  In the first month of being here, we quickly painted the playroom, kids' bedroom and office.  Now we're finally picking back up with our goal of painting everything in the house!  I'm so happy with my relaxing pale purple bedroom!


Oh, and just ignore the fact that there are no baseboards in the current picture! The ones we had before were also painted the weird yellow and were in bad shape, so we ripped them out.  Knowing our track record with projects, I am estimating that it will be at least 6 months until we get around to replacing them!

5.  This week Blaise asked to Skype with Grandma.  After the video call was done, he still wanted to be able to see himself, so I opened up the camera app and Blaise captured nearly 100 selfies!  He also got me and his siblings in on the action.  Here are a few that are just too cute!


6. Granddad is coming to visit!  He's in town Thursday through Sunday for a conference, so we won't get to see much of him, but it's still super exciting!  He'll be staying with us, so the kids will be able to have breakfast with Granddad each day :-)

7.  We finished two more of the required trainings needed to adopt from foster care.  You can read my detailed posts about RAPT II and RAPT III to learn more!  And please pray for us as we work through this process. I know there are many more hoops to jump through before one of these kids comes home :-)

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  1. Aw, my kids had that Little People Nativity set - they loved it, too!