Wednesday, November 13, 2013

WWRW - Sweet Dreams

The current library favorite in our house is Sweet Dreams by Jewel. Yep, the singer/songwriter that I loved in high school is writing lullabies now!  This is a combo CD and book, which is why we love it.  The kids have been playing the CD nearly non-stop for over a week now.  It's very peaceful and not at all annoying; and I find most lullabies annoying, so that is saying a lot!

I don't actually recommend just reading the book.  There aren't really enough words on each page to linger long enough to see the illustrations and yet not lose focus on the message.  We like to listen to the CD while turning the pages.  Since my kids are all too young to read, they can stay on a page until they feel compelled by the music or their own interest to move on.


Aren't the illustrations beautiful?
And if you want to preview part of the song, you can do so in the music player below.  Check it out!

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  1. We have that cd - didn't know she had an accompanying book - thanks!