Wednesday, November 27, 2013

WWRW: Love Never Fails

I'm always on the hunt for more blogs of people who have adopted older children from foster care.  I hit the jackpot when I came across Schumm Explosion.  This is a couple who has young biological children and has also adopted two sets of five siblings each.  They have 14 kids total!  I love that they have embraced God's call.  Their blog is great, and she just put out an e-book entitled Love Never Fails.  You can download the book from Schumm Explosion's Facebook Page.

The subtitle is Tending Forgotten Seeds: Cultivating Fruit in Foster and Adoptive Children.  Although her aim is to reach adoptive and foster parents, her message is applicable to all parents.  The e-book leads you on a study of the New Testament's teachings on love and the fruit of the Spirit.  It is really short - something like 20 pages - but Allison encourages you to read it in small chunks over many weeks and really meditate on the scriptures and their applicability.  I first read it straight through and am now beginning to go back and use it as a devotional and give it the time it needs to soak in.

In her introduction, Allison states her goals for the book:
"Through this study I hope that you will:
     1. Grow in your maturity in the Lord and will more fully show the Holy Spirit’s fruit
     2. Glean a better understanding of how to raise children to show the Holy Spirit’s fruit
     3. Understand that we are all sinners who need a place to safely mature fruit
     4. Gain tools to help your hurting child mature and grow through their past damage"

If any of these things jump out at you, head over to Schumm Explosion's Facebook Page and download the free e-book!

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