Friday, November 22, 2013

Quick Takes #7

1.  The Steelers game was on TV here this weekend, but thanks to some nasty weather, this is how I had to watch it:

2.  Our preschool curriculum suggests using phonics cards, so I ordered a cheap set from Amazon and Finn loves them!

3.  I've been wanting to paint our bedroom purple since John and I first got married, but I've never been able to pick the right shade!  This weekend, John painted our ceiling white (it was yellow before), so I really need to make a decision about the wall color!  Anyone used a great purple color and have suggestions?  I want it to be light, relaxing and mature, but not too grey and gloomy or bright and little-kid-ish.

4.  What is always the best toy?  Boxes, of course!

5.  Grandpa and Grandma are here!  I had some little helpers assisting me in getting the house ready :-)
(Lucy and Juliet making the bed)                                  (Blaise doing the laundry)

(Finn vacuuming)

6.  I've mentioned before that Flowering Baby is our preschool curriculum.  I love it a lot because it is simple and doable and has great book lists.  However, the math is a bit too simple for Blaise so I've been enhancing it some.  By far Blaise's favorite thing is when the math is edible.  They often have kids counting or sorting with finger snacks.  I've taken it a step farther to teach Blaise the basics of multiplication.  We pick a number of snack items and then group them.  Lately we've been liking 24 marshmallows.  We do 2 groups of 12, 3 groups of 8, and so on.  He is so enthralled with how we can arrange things into different groups but still have the same total!

7.  I co-teach a biweekly preschool for the 3-year olds in our Christian community.  We do some crafts, sing some songs, and have a lesson.  Blaise is one of the six kids in the class.  Pretty much whatever we are doing he is not.  He rarely does the coloring or crafts, he never joins in the singing, and only participates in the lesson if someone is reading a story.  But this week was different.  Blaise LOVED the craft!  We were making turkeys for thanksgiving and they kids were using glue sticks.  Blaise had never used a glue stick before and it was a hit!

This picture shows this week's activities... at the top is a sheet that the kids were supposed to put handprints all over.  Everyone else loved sticking their hands in paint, but Blaise refused.  The one hand you see is actually one of the other kids!  The coloring sheet used to have a mouth in the middle, which Blaise scribbled out.  But look at that turkey!  He was so focused and just loved creating it!  On the way home I asked him about it.  He told me that he really likes non-messy crafts and he asked if we could do more non-messy things!  Funny kid ;-)

That's all for me this week!  Check out more Quick Takes @ Conversion Diary!
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