Friday, November 15, 2013

Quick Takes #6

1.  I have been starting to enforce Blaise's quiet time in the afternoons and it has been going remarkably well.  Why?  Because of stickers.  Best invention ever.  Blaise loves making 3D artwork and stickers make that so easy!  The gold one is 2 inches high!

2.  After 45 minutes of quiet time, Blaise and I spend some one-on-one time together.  Mostly we work on his reading, but lately he's really been into playing games.  His favorites are Memory and Candy Land, although he refuses to follow the rules of Candy Land.  He always wants to get the fast tracks and the special people and get stuck!  Here's a picture of him flipping through the stack of cards to find the exact one that he wants!

But he does always follow the rules at Memory.  And he's getting better.  I don't let him win, but he still enjoys it!  Yay!  Here he is showing off his first match (on top of his head) and cheesing it up at the end of the game.

3.  Following her brothers' lead...

4.  I'm always fascinated by just how different our two boys are.  Take for instance this scene from making dinner a few nights ago... Lucy and Blaise are right in the action, never leaving my side.  And Finn is having a great time relaxing in the living room reading a book and listening to a lullaby CD!

And here is another picture of my peaceful introvert that I had to include because he is just so cute!

5.  The cold has really started to set in here, but before it did, we had a few extra sunny fall days.  This is a picture of the kids checking out all the cool bugs that call this tree home.  Mostly ladybugs, but there are some others there as well.  The kids may all have different personalities, but they share a love of bugs!

And the cold weather isn't all bad... look at the lovely snow :-)

6.  My husband really is a Saints fan... both the sports team and the Catholic ones!  The Saints played on Sunday night football this week.  Also on Sunday night John needed to make the croissants for our first ever celebration of a feast day - St. Martin of Tours on Monday. So what did he do?  Set up a cooking workstation on top of the ottoman in the living room of course!

7.  If you missed Thursday's post, we had our first training meeting to license us to adopt from foster care.  It was quite an adventure, so click here to read the whole thing!

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  1. Your kiddos are cute! I'm expecting a little boy right now, and am so curious to see how different he will be from his older sister! (Unfortunately, he's already causing more trouble than she did.) ;-) We're Eagles and Bengals fans in our household--our respective birth places. :-)

    1. Thanks! Ewww, the Bengals! I am a Steelers fan! (I lived in Pittsburgh from age 5 to age 18)