Friday, November 8, 2013

Quick Take #5

1. Halloween was last Thursday, which didn't give me enough time to get those pictures up before last week's quick take.  So here they are!
Oh wait, even though he looks remarkably similar to the frozen fish man, John is not in fact dressed for halloween.  This is just how he dresses every rainy day to ride his bike into school ;-)

2.  Here are the real stars of halloween, the kids! (they are taking a candy break!)

Blaise is wearing a ladybug costume that my nana made for me back in the mid-80's.  And Lucy is wearing a bumblebee costume that my brother wore in 1989.  Finn is in an ever-classic jack-o-lantern from Pottery Barn circa 2010 =)

3.  For speech class, Blaise is doing "horn therapy".  This means that each week he brings home a new "horn" that he needs to practice blowing 25 times in a row, each day.  The latest horn is a small whistle with a pinwheel on the end.  Boy is this thing loud!  Yesterday while doing his repetitions, he started to vary up how he would blow so that the sound would change.  It reminded me so much of that scene from the Sound of Music where the Captain is trying to teach Maria the signals for the children!  Too funny!

4.  Which reminds me, have you seen these ads?
     I am horrified and intrigued, all at once!  Will you be watching?  I will!

5.  Do you shop at Habitat ReStore?  If not, you should!  This past weekend I picked up a new 5-gallon bucket of paint for $58, a bright yellow two-drawer locking filing cabinet for $35, a subwoofer for $2 and a 50-cent 3-ring binder.  Now I just have to work up the energy to paint the kitchen, file 5 years worth of papers, and set up the sound system in the basement =)

6. Since switching times for daylight savings is already a challenging thing for toddlers, John and I decided to double-down and introduce some other sleep challenges.  First, we converted Finn's crib to a toddler bed since he had recently mastered climbing out.  And then to top it all off, we moved Lucy into the same room as the boys!  I'm loving having our home office back, but I'd really like to sleep in past 5am! 

7.  In case you missed Tuesday's post, we have officially started on the adoption journey!  We got fingerprinted for our background checks!

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  1. Love it all! The Gorton fisherman is classic! Kids are adorable as always! I remember those speech whistles!

  2. We did lots of speech therapy but never got a whistle. Somehow it seems sacrilegious to have a SOM w/out Julie Andrews

    1. I know! I just cannot envision anyone else in that role!

  3. Wandering over here from Quick Takes...

    The Sound of Music live frightens me, though I love Carrie Underwood. Seems just wrong on so many levels...

    Congratulations on getting fingerprinted! That sounds weird, sorry. Blessings on your adoption journey!