Saturday, November 30, 2013


Tonight at dinner we began our celebration of advent!  I've been inspired by some of the blogs that I am reading to make advent more of a priority.  Specifically, we are trying to make it less of a month-long Christmas celebration, and more of a time of  reflection and preparation for Jesus' birth.  We've decided on a few things to focus on:
  1. A while back I read on someone's blog (sorry! I can't remember who!) a suggestion for the Holy Heroes Jesse Tree videos.  I got it and the kids are really looking forward to watching one each day!  I'm not sure if we will make the ornaments, but at least we will watch and discuss.  
  2. Haley has mentioned a few times in her blog and in her new book about how her family likes to simplify their meals for advent.  I liked this idea, so we'll be going vegetarian for advent.
  3. We will light our advent candles every night that we do a family dinner.  John has even started teaching the kids a great song that he remembers from his childhood to go along with the lighting!

Speaking of advent candles, I am totally loving our advent "wreath" this year!

I won the candles in a giveaway from Toadily Handmade Beeswax Candles on Carrots for Michaelmas!  It was a candle rolling kit, so the kids got to help craft the candles, which was so much fun. Since I got such awesome candles for free, I decided that we needed a nice advent candle holder in which to display them.  After much searching, we found this beauty on Etsy.  I love all the textural elements going on, with the honeycomb on the beeswax, and the birch wood holder and the fresh pine branches! 

 It may sound silly, but it was really a blessing to win this giveaway.  I've wanted a great advent wreath for our family for many years, but we haven't had one because I haven't had the energy to figure something out.  I immediately loved the candles when I first saw them, but I knew they were out of our budget, so I definitely felt God smiling down on me when I got this gift.  The kids and John all thought I was a bit crazy after I started jumping around yelling "I won!"  :-)

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