Thursday, October 24, 2013


Growing up I had the privilege of attending a wonderful summer camp called Ligonier.  It was there that I was able to be my true self and thus where I was able to find God.  I am so thankful for those weeks each summer in the beautiful Pennsylvania countryside.  Some of the songs that we sung each evening still resonate with me today.  I want to share with you one that I have been meditating on recently:

Lord I want to know your vision,
Though I'm in a foreign land.
Grant me heartache for the hungry
And the grace to understand.
Lead me to the ones who suffer,
Those whose hearts cannot find rest.
Lord, I want to know your vision,
Put me where I can serve best.

Take my life as a sacrifice.
Let me see Your good deeds.
Humble me as I serve thee.
May the glory be Yours.

I was hoping to find a recording to share, but so far have struck out.  I'm finding only limited mention of it on the internet!  Maybe unique to Ligonier camp?  It has a beautiful melody and it plays over and over in my head.  It is my prayer as we embark on this adoption journey.

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