Friday, October 25, 2013

Quick Takes #3

1.  I play fantasy football in a league with John's family members.  Last year I finished near the bottom mainly because of an unfortunate draft of Philip Rivers instead of Matt Ryan.  This year, I've been determined to redeem myself.  I started out a respectable 4 wins and 2 losses.  I occasionally benched the wrong players, but it never effected the outcome... until this week. I was playing the #3 ranked team in our league.  A win here would be huge.  But I choked.  Played all the wrong people.  My bench nearly outscored my starters :-(  

2.  Speaking of football... the kids and I were discussing middle names.  Blaise told me that his was Robert, like the football playing man.  It took me a few minutes to realize that he was referencing RGIII!  Ha!  Apparently John thought that the game would be a lot more interesting to Blaise if he referred to all the players by their first names! 

3.  Speaking of middle names... My Aunt Bev is one of the few people who refers to me by my first and middle names together.  She called me up on Saturday at around three in the afternoon and asked if she and my cousin Anna could come over for dinner and they would bring the food.  Score!  No cooking for me!  They brought Indian food, which was a new experience for the kids.  The boys loved the chicken and surprisingly, Lucy's favorite was the ochra!  And of course Aunt Bev and Anna are always a treat for everyone!

4.  Speaking of food... Monday morning Lucy would not stop fussing and I couldn't figure out what was bothering her.  Apparently she was just hungry and tired.  After stuffing herself full of black beans and rice,  here is what happened:

5.  Speaking of. sleeping... Last night I went to get into bed, pulled back the covers, and discovered that someone had left me a present!  Duplos!  Just what I want to snuggle up next to ;-)

6. Speaking of... nope... no connection here!  If you read my Call to Adoption  and "I'll take anyone"you know that John and I are desiring to adopt older children from foster care.  We are currently in the information gathering phase.  Indiana's website refers all adoption inquiries to call 1-888-25-ADOPT.  Their website does have some information, but no blueprint for what to do other than to call this number.  But no one answers!  I have called dozens of times over the last week, at all hours of the day and each time I simply get the message "the person you are trying to reach has a voice mailbox that has not been set up yet."  Although we've ultimately been able to make direct contact with the right person on our own, it's really disheartening that the main adoption line seems to be nonfunctional.  

7.  Speaking of adoption... A repeat of my request from last week:  I was looking through my blogroll and realized that I am lacking in blogs on adoption!  So if you know of any adoptive family blogs, please share in the comments!!!  (Thank you to those who have already shared!)

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  1. Just jumping over from the link-up.
    I just have to laugh every. time. I see pictures of babies who fall asleep mid-meal. It's like videos of talking dogs. Funny every time.
    Also, I'm totally new here, and I am guessing you've read it, but I just have to mention Dr. Ray Guarendi's book, Adoption: Choosing It, Living It, Loving It. He has great words on adopting from foster care. I pray that we are able to adopt from foster care someday!

  2. aw - that little baby asleep in the high chair - SO cute. :D

  3. Maia, I have not read it! Thanks for sharing!