Friday, October 18, 2013

Quick Takes #2

1.  The Steerlers game was on TV here Sunday afternoon, and not only did I get to see it, but they won for the first time all year!  Clearly all those loses early in the season were just because they didn't want to detract from the Pirates playoff run!  Now that the Pirates season is done, I predict the Steelers will win all the rest =)

2. Blaise has been learning to stay in bed with the help of his Sleep Buddy, a programmable nightlight that turns off when it is OK to get out of bed.  It came with a sticker chart for one month of staying in bed.  This has been great motivation for Blaise and he earned his reward this week!  He and I went to four different thrift stores before finding something that he wanted.  Initially he was convinced that he would find a big garbage truck because we had seen one months before at a thrift store.  Ultimately he fell in love with a 50 cent lobster claw. Score!

3.  I hope this isn't a foreshadowing of things to come!

4. I was much better prepared this week for our "hike" while Blaise was in speech class and the little kiddos had a great time!

5. I saw this quote on facebook and was troubled.

I understand where it is coming from and I do assume the best about the priest who said it.  The idea is that in the Eucharist we fully receive Christ. I get that.  It's the reason that I am still actively contemplating becoming Catholic despite some of my disagreements with the Church's teachings.  But I don't like how he pits this against the idea of a personal relationship with Christ.  You MUST have a personal relationship with Christ or the rituals and motions that you go through are meaningless.  It reminds me a little too much of the sentiment of the Godfather - having people killed while at a baptism!  Yes, the Eucharist certainly can draw you closer to Christ, but it is not a substitute for a personal, vibrant, faith-filled relationship with Him.

6.  Christmas decorations give me such a warm fuzzy feeling inside!  Christmas is by far my favorite holiday and the only one that we decorate the house for.  I just love how the decorations bring me this sense of hope.  Today I got my Crate & Barrel catalog and it made me smile =)

7.  If you read my Call to Adoption  and "I'll take anyone" posts earlier this week, you know that John and I are actively preparing our hearts to adopt older children from the foster care system.  I was looking through my blogroll and realized that I am lacking in blogs on this topic!  So if you know of any adoptive family blogs, please share in the comments!!!

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  1. I can see how the text in the picture in #5 could be misunderstood. This is not an either / or thing but a both / and one. It is synergistic in that the Eucharist deepens our relationship with Jesus and through our relationship with Him, we are receptive to the graces of the sacrament. The point they were trying to make is that far from a substitute for a personal relationship with our Lord, the Eucharist makes our relationship even more personal. We eat His flesh and are consumed by Him! "For my flesh is true food, and my blood is true drink. Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me and I in him." (John 6:55-56)

    On a related note, sacraments are much, much more than rituals. I could invent new rituals all day and no matter how nice or symbolic, they would never be a sacrament. The sacraments were instituted by Christ. He is a living, active party to them and from them His grace flows.

  2. I think too that sometimes we get so used to our language/way of thinking/acting that we impute feelings/beliefs on others who don't act like we do. I was raised in a loving but undemonstrative family. We don't show a lot of emotion. We don't fight. We talk one at a time. I married into an Italian family. They greet each other with a hug, all the time. They talk all the time (all of them, at the same time). They decided I was standoffish and didn't like them because I didn't hug automatically and because I wait for my turn to talk (which never came). Catholics may not talk about "a personal relationship with Jesus" or "accepting Jesus into your heart" but those who truly believe (as opposed to those who attend church as a social obligation)have to have a relationship; otherwise what point is there?

  3. #7 is GREAT! God bless you and your family and your generous hearts.

    An adoption blog I know is Just Showing Up:

  4. George & RAnn, thanks so much for your insights!!!

  5. Bonnie, thanks for the recommendation! I will add it to my feedly :)