Thursday, October 10, 2013

Catholic Mommy Bloggers

A few months ago, my blog list was starting to lack for substance, so I put out a request on facebook for suggestions.  My friends did not disappoint and returned quite a few blogs that have become part of my daily reading.  I had told myself that I would try out each blog for at least a week, just to give it a fair shot.  I initially was wary of any blog that could be classified as "Catholic mommy blogger".  Though I am married to a Catholic, attend mass each week, and am raising the kids Catholic, I am NOT Catholic.  And even if some day I was able to bear the year-long drudgery of RCIA to become Catholic, I will never be the strict, conservative Catholic that most are in the "Catholic mommy blogger" category.  Well, after the week long trial run, I was still intrigued by nearly all of the blogs suggested.  I found that the "Catholic mommy bloggers" weren't all spanking and daily mass and homophobia as I once feared.  They were mainly interesting new perspectives on raising a family that I could glean some insights from.  I still cringe now and then at ultra-conservative posts, but for the most part am thankful for the new additions to my blogroll.

One of the things I like about some of the new blogs I have found is that they use a set format for blogging.  For example, "What We're Reading Wednesday", "Theme Thursday", and "7 Quick Takes Friday".  I think using something like this might help me to blog more regularly and I do find blogging to be somewhat therapeutic when I actually get into it.  I'm hoping to have my first "Quick Takes" post up tomorrow!

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