Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How others see you

Last night was my birthday celebration with the ladies in my women's group.  Women's group is a component of the People of Praise, a charismatic, Christian community that we belong to.  Each group of 4-6 people meets weekly simply to share life and friendship.  For birthday celebrations we do a special activity, and then "honor" the person having the birthday.  To "honor" someone is to tell them what you admire about them or how they inspire you.  I had no idea what people would say about me - what qualities would they discern from our 6-month-long friendships?  What would they find inspiring about my constant complaints about colicky Lucy or my hyper boys?  I was amazed and blessed by their words.  They found me to be open, grounded, brave, optimistic and joyful.  WOW.  Through their descriptions of how they see these things in my life, I came to see it, too.  What a gift.  I wish for everyone to have friends such as these - friends who see God in you, even when you don't see it yourself. 

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