Friday, February 22, 2013

Snow days and planning period and lunch time, oh my!

Last night as we were crawling into bed I got a text message - ALERT NO SCHOOL TOMORROW!  Guess I forgot to take myself off that call list when we moved!  And then today I enjoyed seeing my friends' pictures of all the snow in Kansas City!  So jealous!  I do love being a stay at home mom, and I can stay in my PJ's all day, every day if I want, but I still miss the excitement of a surprise day off!  No matter the weather conditions, my dedicated husband heads off every morning to work.  Unless of course one of the kids is sick, and there is no excitement at all in that surprise! 

So, yes, I miss the occasional snow day, but more than that I miss planning period and lunch time!  These days I am lucky if the kids naps overlap for even 10 minutes and lunch is typically grabbing food before I feed the kids, or worst case scenario - eating only what they leave behind!  Now I'm sure I'm remembering lunch and planning period with rose-colored-glasses.  I did spend most of it furiously grading papers and desperately pumping, trying to keep up my milk supply! 

Ultimately, I think what I have realized is that I have made some trades.  The most prominent trade is that I used to spend my days attempting to inspire my students, and I now spend my days attempting to inspire my own kids.  Both are worthy causes.  And to be honest, if I was certain that someone else could do as good of a job with my kids as I could, I would go back to work in a heartbeat.