Thursday, January 31, 2013

Christian, yes; Republican, no.

Growing up my family didn't talk much about politics except for the school board elections.  My parents always voted, but other than that were pretty apolitical.  I've since realized that this is probably because my mom and dad disagree on a lot of political issues!  I first realized my own political leaning when I graduated college.  My first job was at a Cristo Rey high school - a Catholic high school that serves low income, urban students through a work-study program.  The people I worked with were mostly democrats, mainly because of social justice concerns.  I, too, found my place as a democrat.  (A few years back, I would have classified myself as pro-choice, but as I discuss in this post, I am now pro-life)

I've moved twice since then to new cities.  In each place, I've been surrounded by conservative, republican Christians.  And people have just assumed that I fall in line with them.  I'm still not very comfortable talking politics, so it's easiest just to let people make their assumptions about me and I generally avoid political conversations anyhow.  But recently I had a conversation that has made me rethink this tactic of just avoiding the issue.  I had a conversation where some comments were made about homosexuality and marriage.  I just ignored the comments, neither agreeing nor disagreeing, but looking back I realize that by not saying anything, I in essence agreed.  I still don't really want to get into debates because I'm just as passionate about my views as the next guy, and likely I'll just end up really mad, but I at least want to stand up and speak up in support of things that I hold to be true.

So yes, I'm a Christian.  No, I'm not a republican.  I'm pro-life; I'm for marriage equality; I'm a pacifist; I want stricter gun control laws; I think everyone should have access to birth control; I think "Obamacare" is not perfect, but it's a lot better than before; I really wish we had universal health care; and I support government programs that help the poor.  That's my political leaning in a nutshell :-)

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