Sunday, July 29, 2012

My husband is MacGyver

Don't judge... we lock our kids in their room.  It's the safest way to keep Blaise contained for nap time and night time and to ensure that he sleeps.  I wish we had some fancy childproof lock for doing this, but alas, we are simple people and merely reversed the door knob.  Last night, we're all in the boys room reading before bed time.  I realize that their dirty clothes are still on the floor, so I grab them and go to open the door to throw them out into the hallway.  Locked.  The door is locked from the outside and all 4 of us are inside, with nothing but the usual accessories present in a kids bedroom!  Options:
1.  climb out the window and then re-enter the house.  The main problem with this option is that they boys have super tiny 1950's windows.  Not sure any of us could fit out.  And even if we did get out, I am 100% certain that both doors to the house are locked, so we'd have to hope for a random unlocked window somewhere to come back in. 
2. Use a coat hanger to undo the door lock.  John tried this, but the lock won.  It's not a simple push button lock, it turns, and the coat hanger was just too wide to make the turn needed.
3.  Take off the entire door knob.  Luckily for us, the two screws that hold on the knob were on our side.  Of course the difficulty is that we don't just have a Phillips head screwdriver lying around in the kids room!  Nor do we have much that is small and sharp.  I suggest yelling out the window to ask a neighbor for a screw driver, but John finds that option just too embarrassing.  So he begins to scan the room for something to use.  Finally he spots it... he takes down a picture off the wall, pulls out the nail and very slowly manages to unscrew the door knob using the nail head.  Free at last! 
Certainly the oddest bedtime fiasco we've ever had!

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