Tuesday, May 1, 2012

God's Gentle Leading

If you haven't read my post "Meant to Be", go there first and then read on.

This past weekend we left the kids with my parents and once again made the drive up to South Bend.  We drove through the night Thursday night, took a short nap Friday morning and then embarked on another house hunting bonanza.  Between Friday and Saturday we saw 23 houses, bringing our grand total to 40.  (Not to mention the hundred plus that we ruled out online without ever seeing).  Our real estate agent confirmed our thoughts that we had truly seen all that South Bend has to offer in our price range.

So Saturday night was depressing.  We drove and walked around the neighborhoods of our "top choices".  Nothing clicked.  What would we do?  Settle for a less than ideal house?  Go home empty handed and be homeless in a month?

While we were driving back to the house we were staying in, I suddenly got a thought - we should drive back by a house we had seen 6 weeks ago on our first visit.   When we pulled up, immediately there was a difference - shutters had been added, so a house that previously had no curb appeal suddenly seemed much more friendly and welcoming.  We called our real estate agent and let him know that we wanted to visit it in the morning.

Sunday morning when we walked in, we immediately were greeted with beautiful new kitchen and dining room floors.  What a difference!  As we walked around, it really started to feel like home.  There was a space for the piano, the large kitchen and dining area meshes perfectly with our love of cooking, and the basement could easily become a large playroom for the kids and a guest bedroom with just the addition of some carpet and paint.

Our real estate agent commented that my thought to come back here must have been a "God thing".  Maybe serendipity or divine inspiration?  I like to think of it as God's gentle leading.  Those little prompts he gives us.  It's why we need to "be still and know that I am God" - allowing God to whisper his guidance and love into our lives.