Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's a . . .

Back in February, I was asked by a friend over email if I was hoping for a girl or a boy. Here's my response to her:

"I actually don't think I'm hoping for one gender or the other. When we first tell people we are expecting again, most tell us something about how they hope it is a girl this time. So I usually respond that I hope it's a boy because we already have all the stuff. But really, I just say that because I hate buying into this stereotype that boys and girls are so different and that you must have some of each to have a complete family."

But here we are in April and I can officially say, "IT'S A GIRL!". So I want to confirm that I hate all these stereotypes about how different boys and girls are! I have no intention of dressing my little girl in all pink frilly things. And unless its a super special occasion, she will not be wearing dresses or bows in her hair! Kids are kids. They need to wear comfortable clothes so they can get out there and explore the world.

(Just my two cents. And know that I don't judge you if your little girl always has a bow in her hair. So don't judge me for dressing mine "like a boy"!)

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