Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Postpartum & Patience

I suppose one way to overcome postpartum depression is to become antepartum once again! It's crazy how much control hormones have over our brains. All it takes is a little baby growing inside of me for my brain chemistry to even out again. One thing I have learned from this abrupt change is that my depression was worse than I realized. I feel "normal" again. This is certainly a wake-up-call for me that medicine and/or talk therapy may be a worth-while approach if this happens again.


That first paragraph was written back in December when we first learned of the pregnancy. But I didn't feel comfortable sharing until we made it through the first trimester. So here we are in mid-February. Looking back at my thoughts in December, I am so glad that I had a period of "normal". That feeling was quickly replaced by nausea and fatigue! In my previous pregnancies, these symptoms lasted until about week 16, so I still have a month more of this! AHHH!!! And then still another month after that to learn if our little baby is a boy or a girl! I'm ready now!


I'm ready for a lot of things now... ready for this school year to be done, ready for my husband to hear back about all his applications, ready for us to decide on a school, ready to resign, ready to find a new house or apartment.... the list goes on. Right now so much just feels unsettled. We know change is coming, but it's not here, yet! Oh, to have patience!

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