Sunday, October 2, 2011

A day without kids, a day with kids...

Recently, I've had the chance to experience two very different days. First, last Thursday was parent-teacher conferences, so I had to stay at work until 7:30PM. I returned home to the quietness of two kids in bed. Although I had seen the baby that morning, my toddler had still been asleep when I left. So strange. In some ways, it was refreshing... the quietness, the lack of demands for my attention. It reminded me of the old times when we were kid-less. We stayed up late, drinking wine and watching TV. But though I enjoyed it, it wasn't as full. It seems cliche, but somehow these little boys have added some extra dimension to my life that I need to be complete. I went to bed that night very thankful for my little ones.

A few days later, I got the opposite experience... my husband needed to be at school for some meetings, so I took the day off to and got to experience life as a stay-at-home-mom. I had so much fun playing with the boys, but wow, was I worn out! And the house was covered in toys by the end of the day! For most of the day, I had only one boy at a time, while the other napped. Those times were awesome! When both were awake, however, it was a quite a challenge! The hardest part was keeping the toddler entertained (and quiet) while I nursed the baby. At some point I realized that we'd all be happier if I pumped and then bottle fed! In the end, I survived.

I'm thankful that it's my husband and not me that is home full time right now. The baby's cries and refusals to nurse definitely bring out my postpartum depression. But I am also thankful that I will be the one home next year. By then the baby will be drinking cow's milk from sippy cups and running around with his big brother. I'll have the time to play with them. I'll have the time to make our new house (or apartment) a home. And maybe I'll even cook more. Because, surprisingly, I enjoy cooking! We even have some homemade chicken noodle soup to prove it =)

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