Saturday, September 10, 2011


I have been a singer for as long as I can remember. Always a song floating though my mind and half the time being sung under my breath as I go about my work. I didn't realize the depression had changed this until recently.

About two weeks ago my husband was cleaning up the basement and decided to burn all our CD's to the computer and then box them up. He kept a few of my favorites out for me and put them in my car. He even cued up the CD to play one of my favorite songs as soon as I started the car the next morning. Since then I've been singing along to a song on the way to and from work. (It's only a five minute drive, so one each way is all I get!) Some days I find the songs bring me to tears and give me a great God moment right there. Other days I find the song sticks with me and I'm singing it all day long.

And today it hit me - this is perhaps the first time I have been back to my old ways of singing all the time since before the kids were born. And I think that speaks volumes about my mental state. And I am so grateful.

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