Monday, August 1, 2011


I got my haircut last week for the first time in over a year. Yes, that's right, it had been more than 12 months! I tend to avoid getting haircuts because I'm never really satisfied and end up just pulling my hair back every day. But my ponytail was getting too long and heavy so I had to go for it. I got a recommendation for a stylist from someone with great hair, so I was feeling confident. The haircut went great. The stylist was nice and relaxed and seem to fully understand what I was going for. My hair came out looking great!

But then the next day came. And I did what I always do... shower and just let my hair air dry. It looked terrible. After complaining about it for most of the day, I decided to buy a round brush so I could try to properly dry it the next day. I even dug up some hair mouse I had from a while ago. It took me a while because I'm pretty uncoordinated when it comes to blow drying hair, but the result was pretty good.

In the end, I have to come to grips with the fact that great hair is something that you have to work for. It doesn't come naturally to most of us. If I want this haircut to live up to its potential, I'll have to put in the work each and every day. And what a great parallel for most things in life. It's so rare that great things just come to us. We have to work before we can reap the rewards.

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